Laptops Closed – Listen With Real Intent

Why it's Better to Listen with Real Intent Where I work we have an informal team policy during meetings: Laptops closed. The reason is that it's harder to listen with real intent when you have your face buried in your computer. For many, there is a false sense of productivity…

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Micromanaging Kids

Micromanaging Kids Is Ruining Their Employability

Micromanaging Kids is Just Plain Bad I could probably just stop right there at the title and call it a wrap. But for the sake of being thorough, I'll add some more context to this. Seriously, though - micromanaging kids - or "hover parenting" - isn't good. And there are…

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How to Raise Happy Kids – 3 Things You Can Do Now

Want to Raise Happy Kids? Here's Your Warning I'm about to give you three keys to raise happy kids. But I'm also going to give three warnings: They're simple, but not easy. It's going to take some serious focus and determination on your part to put them into practice, because the focus of these…

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Managing Children is the Wrong Approach

Why Parents Should Stop Managing Children There are two basic ways to approach stewardship, or "being in charge": You can manage, or you can lead. To raise a generation of great adults, it's vital that parents stop managing children, and start leading them. In the business world, the concept is pretty…

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Sometimes kids need some private correction

Private Correction – A Saving Grace for Children

The Grace of Private Correction "Can I talk to you for two minutes?" I have a great relationship with my manager. These words come pretty frequently, and can mean anything from I have a problem to solve, what do you think, to we need to tackle this emerging issue, can you please…

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CEO Parenting is live – isn’t that exciting??

What in the World is CEO Parenting? The authors behind CEO Parenting have seen first-hand how top businesses spend huge amounts of money improving their workforce. Think about it: if the employees working at a company are awesome, then the output of the business should be awesome too. These same…

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