The Law of the Harvest and the One Dish Method

The Law of the Harvest and the One Dish Method

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “Law of the Harvest,” you’re certainly familiar with the principle. The basic idea is that if you want to harvest something later, you have to plant now. Or if you want to have or do something later, you have to do something now. For example, if you want […]

Better Decision Making Through Reverse Story Problems

Better Decision Making Through Reverse Story Problems

As a kid, math was always one of my favorite subjects (I was a little strange that way). I appreciated that there was always exactly one right answer. Not like that pesky English class, where everything could be debated six ways from Sunday. (And now look at me, writing blog posts – if only my […]

Leaders, Managers, and Employees – Teach Kids to Know the Difference

Leaders, Managers, and Employees - Teach Kids to Know the Difference

Not every child will grow up to enter the workforce. Some will be entrepreneurs and start their own business. Others will stay home to raise children of their own. And still others will spend the rest of their days doing good in the world in their own unique ways. But no matter what path they […]

Develop A Team Perspective With Your Kids

Develop a Team Perspective with Your Kids

Ah, the teenage years. A time that seems designed to prepare your kids to move out of the house because you can’t stand each other anymore… at least that’s the stereotypical parent/child relationship, anyway. Want something better? Try to develop a team perspective with your kids and see what happens. What do I mean by […]

Teach Kids to be Responsible Adults with the Public Library

Prepare Kids to be Responsible Adults

One of the tricks of parenting is figuring out how in the world you’re going to prepare kids to be responsible adults. Let’s face it: adulting is hard. The more we can do to prepare our little ones for it, the better off they’ll be. Here’s a simple way: teach kids to be responsible adults […]

Value Creation And Cost Savings In Family Life

Value Creation and Cost Savins

Value Creation and Cost Savings When considering personal finances, most people I speak with fail to consider both value creation and cost savings. Many financial disagreements in marriage focus heavily on cost savings. Phrases like “we can’t afford that,” or “live within your means,” by nature focus on the finite – resources are limited and we must […]

Money Flow: Teach Your Kids To Attract Wealth

Money Flow

Money Flow Basics If I could only teach my kids one thing about money, I would teach them the basics of money flow. Simply put, my definition of money flow is this: Money flows from consumers to producers There are so many related concepts that tie into money flow that this one principle lays the […]

Success Anywhere: 3 Steps to Teach Your Kids

Success Anywhere

Success Anywhere, “Guaranteed”   Success, according to Merriam-Webster, can be defined as a “favorable or desired outcome”, and “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.” In business, the second definition is usually the more important one. But more broadly speaking, teaching our kids to pursue and attain a “favorable or desired outcome” can be applied […]

Date Ideas: The Picture Frame Date

Picture Frame Date

The Picture Frame Date Recently Liza and I were out for dinner one night, and we decided to find something we could take home for dessert. While walking from the restaurant to the grocery store, we passed by a dollar store and decided to stop in and look for a cheap date idea. That’s when […]

Avoid Parenting Burnout: Sharpen Your Saw

Avoid Parenting Burnout

Avoid Parenting Burnout – a Little Perspective As parents of six children, it’s been a constant battle in life to avoid parenting burnout. Unfortunately, Liza and I understand it all too well with our own children. We get it – kids can run you ragged. Even a 1:1 scenario is unfair because they seem to come prepackaged […]

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